Military Gen1+ Waterproof Night Vision Rifle Scope

Super Gen1 night vision Riflescope for hunting with IR Illuminator & Red on Green reticle system A. Product Description:D-W1093 is the best night vision weapon sight at its class that comes with affordable price and high performance. With high resolution metal image intensifier tubes, its resolution is as good as that o

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Super Gen1 night vision Riflescope for hunting with IR Illuminator & Red on Green reticle system 

Gen1+ Water Proof Night Vision Rifle Scope for Military Use
Gen1+ Water Proof Night Vision Rifle Scope for Military Use
Gen1+ Water Proof Night Vision Rifle Scope for Military Use
Gen1+ Water Proof Night Vision Rifle Scope for Military Use
Gen1+ Water Proof Night Vision Rifle Scope for Military Use
Gen1+ Water Proof Night Vision Rifle Scope for Military Use

A. Product Description:
D-W1093 is the best night vision weapon sight at its class that comes with affordable price and high performance. With high resolution metal image intensifier tubes, its resolution is as good as that of GEN2, up to 50 Ip/mm. The accuracy is unparalleled thanks to the ''Red on Green'' reticle system. It can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to help find back zero retice position for different distances or move the reticle exactly to the required areas. It can be mounted with a powerful and safe IR illuminator. It's widely used for police shooting training, hunting in the wild and shooting rehearal of security personnel.

B. Model Explanation:

The 1st letter "D": the abbreviation of our brand Daking

The 2nd letter "W": Weapon sight (the device type)

The 1st number 2/3: generation 2 / 3 (IIT grade)

The 2nd and 3rd number 09: the 9th item we have released

The 4th number 3: magnification for objective lens

C. Specifications:
Image tube gradeSuper Gen1
Resulution (lp/mm)40
Magnification (x)3X
Diameter of the objective lens(mm)50
Detective range (m)150
Recognition range (m)100
Field of view (deg)13.5
Lens systemF1: 1.2, F65mm
ReticleRed On Green
Windage & elevation adjustments1/4MOA
Diopter adjustment (deg)+/-5
Power supply (v)One CR123 lithium battery
Battery life (hrs)40-50
Range of focus (m)From 4.0m to infinity
Operating temperature (ºC )-40/+40
Environmental ratingIP66
Dimensions (mm)275*104.3*78.4(with rail)
Weight,g904(with rail)

≡ High resolution Gen1+ image intensifier tube
≡ Multi-coated all-glass optics
≡ Reticle brightness adjustment
≡ Powerful detachable long range IR illuminator
≡ Water and fog resistant
≡ Adjustable fixation rail mounting system

D. Precations:
1. Do not disassemble the unit.
It's better to use device under +5°C to +40°C. After the unit usage in temperatures below zero, wait at least 3 hours at room temperature, to avoid condensation accumulating on the internal lens surfaces and the consequent fogging caused by extreme temperature differences.
3. Keep the device in soft carrying bag, ventilated and dry place with temperature which does not exceed +15°C. Keep away from heating device and avoid direct sunlight and high humidity which does not exceed 70%.
4. NVD should be used in nighttime and can't be aim at strong light. If you have to test it during daytime, the front lens cap should never be removed. You can observe the target through the hole in the protection cap.

5.Use good quality lithium battery or alkaline cell, as bad quality batteries will effect the performance of the NVD and easily damage the device.
6. Try to avoid the rain and mist, and avoid dropping, shaking and collision.
7. Use clean soft cloth and dampened in alcohol,if necessary.
8. A useful tip is to remove the battery when the night vision will be not in use for over 3 days to prevent battery leakage and damaging the device.

NOTE: It is normal that the device can not be turned on when the ambient light exceeds 40 Lux. This device has protection system, which cuts off the image intensifier when ambient light level exceeds the limit of 40 Lux during a 10 seconds period.
Failure to follow the above precautions may cause the unit damage and will void the manufacturer's warranty.

E. Troubleshooting:
If the device does not turn on
1.Reinstall the battery with the correct polarity.
2.Replace battery.
3.Clean the battery compartment, focusing on the contact points.

The observed image flickers or flashes
 This means there is too much light(e.g. observation during twilight conditions).Turn off the unit or place the objective lens cover. The unit will function normally in light conditions not in excess of 0.1Lx(full moon).
The image is missing or not focused
1.Re-focus the unit by adjusting objective lens. Adjust diopter setting by rotating eyepiece, if necessary.
2.Check the cleanliness of the objective surface and eyepiece and clean if necessary.
3.Replace batteries.
4.In extreme low light conditions, activate the built-in IR illuminator.

Image disappeared or its quality worsened
1.Automatic shut off might occurred to protect the unit from excessive light. Attach the objective lens cover and ensure that unit started to function normally. Turn the unit off and wait until the conditions darken to continue observation.
2.Bright light sources(e.g. street lights)may cause visibility to decrease or disappear. Turn the monocular away from the light source, visibility will restore itself in several minutes.

You see black dots on the screen
 These dots are minor cosmetic blemishes resulting from the image intensifier production processes and are not a sign of a defective or low quality unit. These dots do not interfere with the reliability and performance of the monocular.

F.Testing for all our devices:

vibration test, high temperature test, lens resolution test, rain test, waterproof test, glass transmittance test, shock resistance test etc.

J. Warranty :
 Our warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase.
This night vision is a precise optical product, please operate it according to the manual. We only take the warranty responsibility for customers' correct operation. Tube replacement and man-made damage are not within the scope of the guarantee.
For detailed warranty info, please refer to Daking's Warranty Service.

Warranty Service:
Warranty period:

Our products shall conform to design, manufacturing and performance requirements and be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE years(1) from the date of pruchase. If any products are defective, please notify our company as soon as possible.
This warranty does not cover a product:
1. used in other than its normal and customary manner;
2. subjected to mishandling, abuse, misuse,improper storage;
3.subjected to alterations, modifications or repair by the customer of by any party other than our company without prior written consent of our company;
4.merchandise that has been discontinued by the manufacturer and either parts or replacement units are not available due to reasons beyond the control of our company;
5.subjected to improper operation, including use in conjunction with equipment which is electrically or mechanically imcompatible with or of interior quality to the product;
6. failure to maintain the environmental conditions specified by our company;

7.operation of the units during daylight hours and under any excessive light conditions;
8. beyond 1 year limited warranty period;
9. force majeure.

Before sending defective product back, please Email your sales representative a sharp photo defective product and clearly indicates specific reasons for return, return address and contact information including contact person name, valid telephone numbers and proof of purchases that will help us to eatablish the valid start date of the warranty. Our sales representative will send you a return material authorization number( hereafter abbreviated as RMA#) after our service technician confirm it. Please clearly mark the RMA# on the outside of the shipping box and cut the warranty card along the dotted line, which lies at the last page of user manual.
Note: Products returns that do not have an RMA# listed or warranty card in the box may be refused or a significant delay in processing may occur.
Customer is responsible for shipping charge to our company for warranty service. Our company will cover return shipping to customer after warranty repair only if produts is covered by aforementioned warranty.
If defective products are not applicable for our company's warranty as stated above, customer will cover all costs such as shipping for sending back and returning, costs for spare parts and labor and all other expenses caused by this.

In the event a defect that is covered by the foregoing warranty occurs during the applicable period stated above, our company, at its option, will either repair or replace the product.

H. Kit includes :

Night vision weapon sight, Mounting rail, Protective carrying bag, Instruction manual, Lens cleaing cloth, Warrantly card, Desiccant.
Super Gen1 Night Vision Riflescope, IR Illuminator night vision instrument, all black high definition night vision telescope with cross line


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